Robo Life Saver (RLS)

Robo Life Saver

A revolutionary remote-controlled life-saving device to keep u safe on water.

Innovative technology to save lives

The Smart Lifebuoy is a life-saving device with propellers and a smart remote control system.

Easy operation

The Robo Life Saver is controlled by a simplified remote controller. Users have reported no difficulty when using it for the first time.

Powerful propeller & strong buoyancy

• The two propellers can drive the lifebuoy to maximum speed of 10kn/s.
• The Robo Life Saver provides a buoyancy that is equivalent to 1.5 regular buoys, allowing it to carry two people at a time.

Highly visible

The Robo Life Saver is bright orange and mounted with two high penetration flashing fog lights, making the buoy highly visible in over long distances and in bad weather.

Injury & tangle free

The propeller is wrapped by a metal shell to protect the user from injury and keep the propellers from entangling with water plants.

Reliable and safe

The battery is stored in an independent cabin so that the Robo Life Saver can keep functioning, even if the hull is damaged.


Dimension115 x 83 x 21 cm
Weight13 kg
PowerElectric propulsion
Endurance30 mins
Buoyancy22 kg
Max. Speed15 km/h (9.3 mile/h)
Range500 m


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