90° Rotate | RS1-1400 | Single Function Tilt

RS1-1400 is a single-function bend actuator capable of 10Nm output torque. It can be used for a variety of tasks including rotating winches, panning cameras and probes, or operating valves.

A cable pass through option allows for powering and controlling a variety of payloads. Compliance can be activated to provide self-protection against accidental impact.

Suitable for payloads of up to 2kg.

Datasheet: RS1-1400

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  • Small size (40 x 105mm) and low weight (170g in water).
  • 0.1 degree position measurement.
  • Self protection (compliance feature).
  • Cable pass through available.
  • Accurate position and velocity control (RS232 full duplex).
  • 300m depth rating.