Robo Life Saver – Remotely Controlled Lifebuoy

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A revolutionary remote-controlled life-saving device to keep you safe on the water.

  • The two propellers can drive the lifebuoy to a maximum speed of 10kn/s.
  • The Robo Life Saver provides a buoyancy that is equivalent to 2 regular buoys, allowing it to carry two people at a time.
  • The Robo Life Saver is bright orange and mounted with two high penetration flashing fog lights, making the buoy highly visible over long distances and in bad weather.
  • The propeller is wrapped by a metal shell to protect the user from injury and keep the propellers from entangling with water plants.
  • The battery is stored in an independent cabin so that the Robo Life Saver can keep functioning, even if the hull is damaged.


Hull Material PE plastic
Dimension (L)115 cm *(W)83 cm *(H)21 cm
Weight 13 kg
Power Electric water-jet propulsion
Lifetime 30 mins
Buoyancy 32 kg
Floatability 150 kg
Max. Speed 15 km/h (9.3 mile/h)
Communication Range >500 m


Datasheet : Robo Life Saver Datasheet

Weight 16 kg