StarFish 990F Advanced Towed Sidescan System


  • The smallest towed side scan sonar available.
  • 0.8° horizontal beam width with up to 100m acoustic range per channel.
  • Easily transportable – fits in your rucksack.
  • Easily powered from almost any source.
  • Plug & play USB interface to any PC, with simple & intuitive software.
  • High visibility yellow colour to aid location & tracking.
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Ultra High Definition

The ultimate high resolution StarFish side scan sonar for extreme image definition and target detection. Based on the popular and proven 450F design, the StarFish 990F uses high frequency 1MHz acoustic ‘chirped’ pulses with a 0.3° horizontal beam width to produce the most defined and clear images from any StarFish system.

With a 35m range capability on each channel (giving 70m total swathe coverage), the StarFish 990F is the ideal tool for high resolution surveys in ports & harbours, academic research, inland waterways such as rivers and canals, and excels when used for SAR (Search And Recovery/Rescue) operations.

Advanced Design

The compact hydrodynamic full body three-fin design improves stability of the sonar while it’s being towed which in-turn helps improve the quality of images it produces. The sonar also incorporates an inline connector to allow the cable to be swapped or replaced on site. Additional cable lengths are also available to help you choose the best towing solution for your needs.

Designed to be ‘Plug and Play’, connecting to your Windows PC or laptop via a USB connection, the StarFish 990F comes with software to allow the capture and recording real-time images from the seafloor below, making seabed imaging easy for everyone.

Compact, Rugged & Portable

Measuring less than 15 inches long the StarFish 990F sonar is small enough to be transported in your rucksack. Lightweight and quick to deploy by hand, the 990F towed system is independent of the boat requiring no fixed installation which makes it easy to transport and operate from any vessel. The StarFish Peli Case provides a rugged and watertight method for transporting and storing your StarFish system.

System Setup

The Sonar connects to the Top Box. The Top Box then connects to the power source and any Windows based PC or Laptop via a USB connection to display, record and playback digital sonar images using StarFish Scanline software.

  1. Starfish 990F Side Scan Sonar “Towfish” Transducer Head
  2. Starfish 990 Top Box (includes USB and power cables)
  3. 20m cable (included with StarFish 990F Sonar)
  4. AC Mains power adapter (supports 110V and 240V)
  5. Customer supplied DC power supply 9V-28V (i.e. battery)
  6. Customer supplied PC or Laptop (with at least 1 free USB port and Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7)

StarFish 990F Towed Sidescan Transducer Head

Part Number BP00177

Length378mm (14.9″)
Width110mm (4.3″)
Height97mm (3.8″)
In Air2.0kg (4.4lbs)
In Water1.0kg (2.2lbs)
Depth Rating…
Body50m (164ft) max
Operating Frequency1000kHz nominal
Operating Range1m to 35m (3ft to 115ft) on each channel providing max 70m (230ft) total coverage.
Operating ModeCHIRP pulse compression
Pulse Length100us typical
Towing Cable…
Length20m (65ft)
Breaking Strain>150kg (330.7lbs) Kevlar reinforced
Minimum Bend Radius30mm (1.2″)
ConstructionBlack polyurethane jacketed with internal Kevlar reinforcing member
BodyReinforced red polyurethane rubber
Vertical Beam Width60° nominal (@ -3dB signal level)
Horizontal Beam Width0.3° nominal (@ -3dB signal level)
ArrangementDual fin mounted transducers with 30° down angle from horizontal.
Transmit Source Power Level<210dB re 1µPa @ 1m

StarFish 990 Series Top Box

Part Number BP00176

Length166mm (6.5″)
Width106mm (4.2″)
Height34mm (1.3″)
In Air0.4kg (0.9lbs)
Operating Voltage9-28V DC (PSU 90-264V, 47-63Hz Mains AC)
Power Consumption, Idle2.5W (200mA @ 12V) approx
Power Consumption, Scanning5W (400mA @ 12V) approx
Power Protection1.1A thermally resetting internal fuse, transient voltage spike protection, reverse polarity pretection, EMC and noise supression filtering choke
Signal ProcessingDual channel, simultaneous operation design, high speed real-time digital pulse compression filtering
Power2.1mm (0.08″) DC jack socket
DataUSB 2.0 B-Type connector
Acoustic9-Way Female D-Type Socket
Temperature Range-5°C to +40°C (23°F to 104°F)
IP RangeIP50 (Protected against ingress of dust, no protection against ingress of liquids)

StarFish 20m Towing Cable

Part Number BP00235

Towing Cable…
Length20m (65.6t)
Breaking Strain>150kg (330.7lb)
ConstructionBlack polyurethane jacketed with internal Kevlar reinforcing (strain) member.

Universal AC mains to DC power supply (with international AC adaptors)

Part Number BP00020

Lengthapprox 70mm (2.7″)
Widthapprox 50mm (2.0″)
Heightapprox 35mm (1.4″)
Mains Input90-264V AC, 47-63Hz
DC Output12V regulated (1% ripple max), 15W
AC PlugsInterchangable adapter plates: USA/Japanese, UK, Europe, Australasia
Output Connector2.1mm x 11mm DC plug (centre +ve)
Cable Length1.8m
Operating Temperature0°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to +85°C
StandardsUL60950-1, EN60950-1, IEC60950-1
ApprovalsUL, cUL, CE, TUV Approved

2m cigar-plug DC power lead

Part Number BP00021

Lengthapprox 2m (6.5ft)
Connectors2.1mm x 11mm DC power plug. Automotive ‘Cigar/Cigarette Lighter’ Plug
Voltage Rating12V to 24V DC

Crocodile-clip to cigar-socket DC adapter

Part Number BP00060

Lengthapprox 150mm (“)
ConnectorsAutomotive ‘Cigar/Cigarette Lighter’ Socket. Two ‘crocodile’ clips (+ve Red and -ve Black)
Voltage Rating12V to 24V DC

StarFish GPS Receiver

Part Number BP00070

Diameter53mm (2.08″)
Height19.2mm (0.75″)
Cable Length1.5m (59″)
ChipsetSiRF Star IV
FrequencyL1, 1575.42 MHz
Channels48 all-in-view tracking
Sensitivity-163 dBm
Horizontal Accuracy10m 2D RMS
Velocity Accuracy0.1m/sec 95%
Hot Start Aquisition~1sec
Warm Start Aquisition~35sec
Cold Start Aquisition~35sec
ModelUSGlobalsat BU-353-S4
DriverWindows PL2303 USB Driver

StarFish Pole Mounting Bracket

Part Number BP00067

MaterialBlack Acetyl
Weight (in air)190g
Pole Aperture25mm (for customer supplied pole)
Fixings4 x 4mm stainless steel cap-head screws. 4mm hex key supplied

StarFish Peli™ Transit Case

Part Number BP00052

Internal425mm(L) x 284mm(W) x 155mm(H)
External470mm(L) x 357mm(W) x 176mm(H)
Lid Depth46mm
Base Depth109mm
Buoyancy (when empty)29.1kg
CertificationIP67, Stanag 4280 / Defstan 81- 41, MIL C-4150_J, ATA