Tether Spool


The Tether Spool is a rugged and easy to use spool that simplifies tether storage and management for your BlueROV2 & various other ROVs!

Full IP67 water resistance, 8-wire slip-ring, and integrated quick connectors make it tough enough to use at almost any dive site while remaining easy to transport.

Does not include tether!

Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) topside box is required for use, as well as a tether with an installed Binder 770 connector for using it with the BlueROV2.

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Product Description

The Tether Spool is a rugged and easy to use tether spool for the 4 pair twister tethers and Slim ROV tethers. An integrated slip ring provides connections for up to eight tether wires, even while the spool is rotating. It’s quick to set up and use in a variety of conditions. Full IP67 water resistance means it is splash-proof, and a reversible locking handle makes it easy to transport.

The spool also includes an adjustable drag brake to provide fine control over the resistance while spooling and unspooling. A locking feature in the spool side panels allows the tether to be secured for transport.

The crank handle can be removed with a single thumb screw, allowing it to be flipped around and reinstalled for easy transportation and locking of the spool.

The Tether Spool comes as a partially-assembled kit with some simple assembly required. It has a Binder 770 connector on both the inside and outside of the spool so that to install the tether, you just plug it into the inner Binder 770 connector, attach a few restraints, and start spooling! An included 8 meter (26 ft) extension cable provides a connection from the outer connector on the spool to your FXTI and computer.

The Tether Spool is capable of storing up to 300m.

Does not include tether! A Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) topside box is required for use, as well as a tether with an installed Binder 770 connector.


  • 1 x Tether Spool assembled kit
  • 1 x 8 meter extension cable with Binder 770 plugs