Water Linked Locator- S1

The Locator-S1 is a beacon for the Water Linked positioning system. This locator is synchronized via GPS time at the surface and does not require any wires in the tether for operation so it can be used with the Fathom Slim Tether.

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Product Description

The Locator-S1 is a digital hydroacoustic locator device with an internal GPS based time sync module.

The Locator-S1 does not require tether integration for top-side communication. It only requires external power 10-18V to be provided from the underwater vehicle. Time-sync with the top-side is achieved using its internal GPS. That makes it perfect for integration with ROVs that don’t have an extra twisted pair in their tethers, such as a BlueROV2 with the Fathom Slim tether, or for fiber optic tethers.

As the Locator-S1 does not carry its own depth sensor, the depth needs to be provided from the underwater vehicle (ROV, etc.) to the topside Master-D1 using the software API. Example of how to perform this can be found here.

This integration is already done if using an ArduSub vehicle (like the BlueROV2).

Some Locator-S1 attributes can be configured using an integrated I2C interface. This configuration is optional and not required for normal operation.

Before deployment in water, the Locator-S1 needs to achieve a GPS lock. The integrated status-LED shows the condition of the GPS lock.

It comes standard with a 1-meter cable (with preinstalled cable penetrator) for easy integration with ROVs like the BlueROV2.


  • GPS based sync removes all tether requirements enabling very easy integration with any ROV.
  • Extremely small size making it perfect for even the smallest underwater vehicles.
  • Highly robust operation in areas with reflections (shallow water, around installations, etc.)


  • 1 x Water Linked Locator-S1 w/1-meter cable and penetrator (installed)
  • 1 x Penetrator Nut
  • 1 x Penetrator O-ring