Water Linked Modem M64

The Modem M64 is a two-way half-duplex 64bps acoustic modem with 200 meters (660 foot) range and user-configurable data link.

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Product Description

The Water Linked Modem M64 is a two-way half-duplex 64bps acoustic modem with a robust and user-configurable data link. The operating principles can be found on the Water Linked website: Underwater Communication

The M64 sets a new market standard with its record-breaking physical size, low power requirement, and cost. All this combined with a very useful technical specification, the M64 opens new possibilities for underwater communication in both existing and new areas.

The Modem M64 has the following key specifications:

  • Two-way communication
  • 64 bit per second net data link, both ways
  • Typical latency ~500ms
  • 200-meter range

Typical Applications:

  • AUV telemetry
  • ROV wireless control
  • Wireless subsea sensors
  • Research projects
  • Any scenario where you need to wirelessly control and monitor subsea equipment

Key Features:

  • The omnidirectional operation which will keep the data link stable even when the modem is in motion and/or being rotated around its axes.
  • Fully self-contained with no requirements for external computers, top-side controllers or other devices.
  • Packet-based protocol with extensive use of error detection to enable a highly robust transmission.
  • The integrated status LED makes it easy to confirm that the communication link is established and when data is transferred.
  • Serial 115200 baud UART 3.3V interface makes the M64 easy to integrate with other subsea equipment like sensors, ROVs and AUVs.
  • Easy to use API to transmit/receive packages etc.
  • Can be used in a setup where one modem transmits and receives while many other modems receive.
  • Can operate simultaneously with Underwater GPS.
  • Extremely small size enabling easy integration in other equipment.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • The highly robust operation, also in areas with acoustic reflections (shallow water, around installations, etc.)


  • 1 x Modem M64